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Pesticide-Free New Canaan is a growing group of parents and neighbors who are concerned about the negative health effects of lawn pesticides on our families, pets, and water supply. Together with our institutional partner, The New Canaan Nature Center, our volunteers are dedicated to helping others understand the dangers and take practical action. We also work closely with Town Hall, supporting them in their mandate to put children first by staying pesticide-free on all public school grounds and fields. By urging New Canaan to take the Pesticide Free Zone challenge, we hope to improve public health, teach best practices, and connect people to the resources they need to safely beautify their lawns and yards.

We recognize that this challenge may take time for some to accept, so we provide information and resources for whatever the level of commitment, from those who want to go organic right away to those who will simply consider cutting back on the number of chemical applications. Our mission is not only to raise awareness and reduce the presence of these harmful chemicals in our lawns and yards, but to grow lawns and gardens that are healthy, robust, and low in maintenance.

We welcome your questions and comments. Our contact information is as follows:
Micaela Porta: 203.594.7288